James L. Anderson

Director, Institute for Sustainable Food Systems, University of Florida
Professor, Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida

Jim Anderson presented “Global Shrimp Production Review and Forecast” at the 2017 GOAL Conference in Dublin.

Jim Anderson has been named a 2018 Fellow of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field.

The PLOS ONE article introducing the Fishery Performance Indicators has become one of the top 25% most cited papers in the journal in only 2 years. Anderson JL, Anderson CM, Chu J, Meredith J, Asche F, Sylvia G, et al. (2015) The Fishery Performance Indicators: A Management Tool for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes. PLoS ONE […]

A new paper applies FPI to evaluate a development project: Impact Evaluation of a Fisheries Development Project by Jingjie Chu, Taryn Garlock, Patrick Sayon, Frank Asche and James Anderson, Marine Policy (2017) 141-149. Free access through October 28.